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Online Backup Solution

For an Austrian-based online backup provider, Geroba Data Technologies designed and implemented the first version of their next-gen online backup solution. The software allows clients to back up their data on remote cloud machines without interruption of their day-to-day work. Backups can be restored fully or partially, allowing the restoration of single documents or whole backups from several points in the past.

The system uses NoSQL database technology to store data on the servers, which has proven to be a good solution regarding the efficient replication of data blocks across several data centers and high availability-requirements that come with online backups. To improve the upload performance on the client machines, a data deduplication mechanism was implemented to recognize data blocks that are already present on the server.

Private data on cloud machines require a very careful security design to keep the data both private to the user and protected from hardware faults while at the same time ensuring that the data can be restored by clients with lost data. With the experience of Geroba in the field IT security, this issue could be tackled successfully.

Header image based on: Backup Stacks by Jaymis, CC-BY 2.0

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Hard Disks for Backup. Source: <a href="">Backup Stacks</a> by Jaymis, CC-BY 2.0
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