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Shiptracker: Ship & Waste Management

Clarendon Shiptracker is a unique approach to managing the problem of waste collection and response in a port and an industrial zone. Shiptracker is an integrated system for ship and waste management. The goal of this software is to give port operators an easy-to-use software for managing ship waste.

The system uses AIS technology and our custom AIS hardware to detect ships within the range of the ports. Our configurable rule set allows determining the state of a ship and fires of notifications if a ship has left a port without visiting the waste facility. In addition, cooperating with other AIS providers allows port operators to view the world-wide ship traffic on Google Maps even in areas not covered by our own hardware.

Our rating engine built on the Drools rule engine allows configurable and MARPOL-compliant billing of ships visiting industrial ports. Invoices can be automatically generated from the data gathered by using AIS and our own ship management system and can sent by fax or email to the shipping agent or owner.

The software is multi-tenant capable and can be run both in local intranets as well as centrally hosted in our own cloud environment.

Fact Sheet:

  • Management cockpit and operator view
  • Live tracking of vessels
  • Live display of ships on map
  • Configurable business rule set
  • Configurable billing engine
  • Custom AIS hardware available
  • Multi-tenant capable
  • Can be self-hosted or hosted in cloud environment


A screenshot of the Shiptracker Java EE Software with a map of Tokyo in the center
Shiptracker System Architecture
Our solution allows the integration of extensible billing rules by using Excel.
The workflow of shiptracker can be executed using Drools.
The ship details view can be edited manually or filled by using the data from AIS signals.
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A screenshot of the Shiptracker Java EE Software with a map of Tokyo in the center
Shiptracker: Ship & Waste Management
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