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Who We Are

“Geroba Data Technologies” is an innovative software development company based in Graz, Austria. Founded in 2010, we focus on big data and enterprise solutions. We provide our customers with a deep understanding of their data in order to make the better decisions.

Our experience in the field of software development allows us to offer a wholistic approach on the software engineering process, starting from requirements and process analysis to software design and systems architecture up to the final product that gives you the competitive edge. To fulfill your business needs, we use Java Enterprise technologies combined with big data architectures. Our portfolio includes data mining solutions as well as data visualization of data stored in NoSQL (Apache Cassandra) and traditional SQL databases (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL).

We believe that the key to make good decisions is an educated interpretation of data. Starting with a traditional approach at analyzing data, we can extend the analysis with predictive models used by industry giants such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon. We have experience with hosting applications on single servers or a set of cloud machines in Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Windows Azure.

We will use the right tools to solve your needs. With extended experience in software engineering, we know just the right approach to tackle your problem.

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Gernot R. Bauer, MSc

Gernot R. Bauer is the founder of Geroba Data Technologies. With several years of work experience, he has knowledge in various fields such as architecture of distributed software systems, cloud computing, IT security and project management. He has worked in the field of heavy industry (Böhler/VOEST, Siemens Transformers Austria) and knowledge-based fields for clients such as Philips, Unycom, Daimler Chrysler and AATP.  His skills in requirements engineering combined with a high understanding of the underlying technology result in a long track record of successful projects.

With a strong technological background in informatics, mathematics, machine learning and algorithm design, Gernot knows that the base for good business and risk management decisions resides in the quality of the underlying data.

Gernot is lead author of a scientific paper in the field of IT security.

Philipp Potisk, MSc

Philipp Potisk looks back on a decade of work experience as a software engineer and team leader mostly in Austria and the UK. Philipp has profound knowledge in software architecture, the software development process and managing projects based on agile methodologies. Furthermore, he gained experience in the fields of telecommunication, billing, IT security, e-commerce and knowledge-management as he has been working for clients like: Verisign, Telekom Austria, Infineon, Temporal S and Unycom. While composing his master thesis for one of the largest European shoe retailing enterprises he got a firm background in business analytics, business development and process management.

With his strong communication skills, Philipp is easily able to bridge the gap between business needs and their technological solution.