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A succesful IT project is not the place for lone warriors. Therefore, we like to work with reliable partners. Find out more about them by visiting their homepages.

Tech Partners

Company Description

Omnecon e-business solutions (Austria) aims at developing high-quality software to support businesses. With development sites in Vienna and Graz and a sales office in London, the Omnecon team focuses on providing innovative software products that enhance business processes. Their portfolio includes custom enterprise solutions as well as mobile application development. Geroba and Omnecon have a long track record of doing successful projects together.

Elastacloud (UK) is our preferred partner for cloud hosting on the MS Windows Azure Platform. As a Microsoft Windows Azure Circle Partner with sub-workload specialisms in HDInsight and HPC on Windows Azure and member of the elite Windows Azure Insider Group, Elastacloud providers industry leading experts to customers at any stage in the software development and product delivery lifecycle. They offer three leading Windows Azure product streams: a HPC platform called the Big Compute Marketplace, software tooling enabling Windows Azure service management and diagnostics and Cloud Data Sync, a data migration tool from all cloud platforms to Windows Azure.

JIPP.IT (Austria) offers services and products in the area of agile software development. The experts of JIPP.IT support customers with training, workshops, consulting, audits and custom softwware solutions. Mobile applications and portals complete their portfolio. Research topics are handled together with universities and colleges .

Non-Tech Partners

Not everything is about technology. Please also have a look at our partners outside the IT field.

Company Description

Dodo-Events (Austria) is not the typical type of event company: With their creative touch and their off-the-shelf ideas, they offer more than just the standard type of events you can find around the corner. If you are interested in something that is more of an adventure, that’s the place where you should go for.