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This was Cassandra Meetup in Vienna

The first Cassandra Meetup in Vienna is over – and with an audience of 30+ people, it was definetly a good one. Especially since the audience did participate with very good questions.

Philipp did the introductionary talk (you can find the slides on slideshare). He did a great job presenting the key features of Cassandra that brought up very interesting discussions about Cassandra’s traits and how you would design your data model. Afterwards, Klaus made an excellent presentation of his use case at XRoadMedia and what effects the use of Cassandra has on their system. It’s always nice to hear more about real world use cases, and Klaus explained the usage patterns and scaling strategies they use in their product.

After a drinks and pizza break sponsored by Datastax (who did not only sponsor food and beverages, but also did send Cassandra T-Shirts – thanks), I hosted the final part about setting up a Cassandra cluster and what happens if you try to mess with it, showing consistency vs. availability vs. latency.

It was great to see so many people interested in Cassandra, and there were some nice discussions after the “official” part as well.

Looking forward to the next Cassandra Meetup.

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Gernot R. Bauer is the founder of Geroba Data Technologies. With a strong technological background in informatics, mathematics, machine learning and algorithm design, Gernot knows that the base for good business and risk management decisions resides in the quality of the underlying data.

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