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m2preis – Real Estate Price Analysis

m2preis is an innovative solution to enable consumers and real estate agents to get detailed information about the Austrian real estate market. Our product periodically analyzes realty ads on various Austrian marketplaces and performs in-depth analysis on this data.

With our product, stakeholders can identify housing price trends and find out the average distribution of housing prices per region.

The software is currently in beta stadium and we will soon release a public demo to the public. Future versions will include features such as

  • Interactive housing price maps
  • Trend analysis and prediction
  • “Hot regions”
  • ROI calculations on real estate objects

Header/Main image: Park Place Expensive Real Estate Monopoly by ‘PT Money’ ptmoney.comCC-BY 2.0

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CC-BY 2.0
Main window of m2preis
Shows the m2preis beta client with housing price statistics of Vienna: districts, median square meter prices, first quartile, third quartile
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