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What is Apache Cassandra?

What is Apache Cassandra?
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In the last couple of years, NoSQL stores and Apache Cassandra have picked up pace. But what is Apache Cassandra and how can it help your business? A high level overview.

The amount of data that must be processed by applications has multiplied in the past few years. Experience shows that traditional database systems such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server have problems scaling to large data sizes and require expensive solutions. At the same time, applications need to provide good performance even with large amounts of data.

Apache Cassandra is a representative of the so-called NoSQL database family. This type of novel database systems are characterized by the fact that they are designed for large amounts of data, high availability, good performance and simple, dynamic and cost-effective scalability. This allows applications to process large amounts of data without having to resort to expensive and highly specific server hardware.

Apache Cassandra is a successful and often used representative of NoSQL databases.

Cassandra was developed by Facebook and combines ideas from Google’s “Bigtable” database and Amazon’s Dynamo database. Cassandra has proved to be a flexible database that can be operated with little effort as a cluster. This permits the creation of highly available applications that are still fulfilling their job if individual servers or even entire data centers break. Under load, Cassandra reaches read and especially write speeds that can be difficult (if not impossible) to achieve with traditional database systems.

Apache Cassandra is a field-proven database system and is used successfully by companies such as Twitter, eBay, Cisco or Walmart.

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