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Banner of Cassandra European Summit 2013

Talks, meetups, training and lot of interesting conversations: This was Cassandra Summit Europe 2013 from October 16 to 18 at the Barbican Centre in London. Two intense days of real-world use cases, technical insights and a glimpse into what’s coming with Apache Cassandra. And our team got their developer certifications. Congratulation, guys! 🙂
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Data partitioned in Apache Cassandra

In Apache Cassandra, your data is distributed across several nodes. The partitioner is responsible to calculate the correct partition with regards to your row key so Cassandra knows where to place the copies of your data. You can choose among several strategies. New users might be tempted to use the ByteOrderedPartitioner as this allows for a ranged row query. But everybody on the Internet says that this is pretty bad. Find out why.
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